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CBD Botanicals Opens TOMORROW (1/18 at 1 PM)

Hi everyone!

You are cordially invited, so mark your calendar! We are opening the store on January 18 at 1 PM, and we will be operating with regular hours the following days. Check out our Locations and Hours. Reach out if you have questions. And join our mailing list below below for store updates and health tips!

Everyone is welcomed at our store. Though one must be 18+ with a valid ID to purchase products at CBD Botanicals, I am happy to give anyone consultations regardless of age.

Bring your friends! Also, we are pet friendly [but no snakes please :) ].

See you soon,

Jim at CBD Botanicals

CBD Botanicals started when...

Here is a bit of my story:

I worked for 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry on the opposite end of the spectrum that I am today. I knew I loved the aspect of helping people with their health care needs which is why I only sold products I believed in to their core.  I saw the frustrations of patients to heal, the frustrations of the providers to advise their patients, and the frustrations of pharmacies to provide medicines to their customers.  As my markets grew, I noticed pharmaceutical companies also fell further away from doing good for people.  I have always been a believer that if you do good, you will do well.  I didn’t know how I could incorporate that into my life when I was introduced to CBD.  I have been an athlete my entire life.  And with that comes a certain toll on your body.  Sometimes it’s soreness.  Sometimes an injury.  Sometimes it’s the anxiety.  CBD oils, ointments, and edibles became a way for me to heal faster, more effectively and without the side effects which come with the consumption of opioids and the like for pain, various neuro products for anxiety, or even products for heartburn caused by other medicines.  After a great deal of research and numerous personal testimonies, I knew bringing CBD products to this area was where my heart rested.  I love being able to help people being their best and getting the most out of their lives. Knowing that they are using a lab-tested, natural, organic, gmo free product with no side effects made the transition to CBD an easy one for me. I look forward to helping you on your journey to being your best you!  Come in and see my shop.  Try some CBD- whether it be in a water-soluble, caramel, vape, or capsule.  I also have items for your furry family members who go “woof” and “meow”. 

I look forward to answering all of your questions in person, via e-mail, or on the phone!

See you at the shop!



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